Ketamine Infusions NeuConnections June 5, 2022

Ketamine Infusions

NeuConnections Ketamine & Wellness Clinic
is your premier boutique clinic for Ketamine Infusion Therapy.
Accept no substitutes, this is the most effective method
of Ketamine Therapy.

When Ketamine was first discovered for anesthesia, it was used to help patients relax when experiencing severe pain and discomfort. Ketamine is the safest anesthetic to be used around the globe because it maintains the respiratory rate and cardiac functions of the patient even with limited medical equipment. The patient is relieved of their pain and the emotional distress of seeing their injuries while still being conscious and cared for. 

Ketamine has been used to calm children with broken bones, sedate wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War, and to get actively suicidal people to the hospital. When given a high dose, patients say they often feel like they are floating, or experiencing an out of body experience. Patients will talk about how they could see themselves in the ambulance and the paramedics working on them, but not feel scared or worried about the outcome. Now imagine this, but at a much lower dosage, in a more controlled, safe, and comfortable environment such as the specially designed clinic we have provided.

While use of ketamine in medical and emergency situations is remarkable, is very different than how ketamine is used for mental health treatment. Firstly, the dosage for pain relief and emergency use is about five times higher than a mental health dose. Secondly, those doses are administered in one immediate administration under stressful circumstances, rather than slowly administered over the course of 40 minutes to an hour.

Types of Ketamine Treatments

There are many ways that ketamine can be administered, known as routes of administration (ROA). Some of the most common are: 

  • Intravenously (IV)
  • Intramuscular shots (IM)
  • Insufflation (nasal spray)
  • Sublingual
  • Oral
  • Dermal

At NeuConnections, we specialize exclusively in mastering the Art & Science of Intravenous Ketamine Infusions. Along with years of research, we have found this method to be the most effective at providing fast and reliable relief in the safest way possible. Our infusions are effective, the easiest to measure and control, and allow the quickest recovery of all the available ways of receiving ketamine. With 100% bioavailability (the amount of medication absorbed by the body), additional safety considerations, maximum efficacy, and patient comfort and experience in mind, there are no other ROAs that compare. We follow the science and offer the absolute best way to receive ketamine. If you want the best when it comes to your well-being, there is no substitution.

The Ketamine Infusion Experience

“Life-Changing.” “Soul-Scrubbing.” “Everyone should try this.” “I’ve forgotten about my pain”, “My depression doesn’t even feel like it matters anymore”. — just a few of the words and statements our patients have used when describing their ketamine infusion experience at NeuConnections. 

You may be wondering what to expect before, during, and after treatments with us. This safe, non-invasive, cutting-edge, alternative treatment involves three phases.

The Intake Process

We begin this with a free consultation session where we go to know you, your treatment history, and answer all of your questions. With your permission, we then speak with your physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, or other mental health professional about your condition and treatment history. We then have you fill out your medical and mental health history, some mental health assessments, and our medical staff will review this information and conduct a virtual intake to review your information, consult with you, and answer any other questions. We do not require any additional screenings, scans, labs, or other tests that add additional costs and delay treatment. We will then sign you up for a coach to help with your integration and then schedule your first infusion. Unlike many other clinics, our process often has patients being seen within a week of their intake.

The Procedure

This is where you come to the clinic to begin your session. We will take your weight, get you set up in a private treatment room, and help you relax. If you would like a guided virtual meditation to help ease any anxiety we can provide that for you. Your private room has plus-sized reclining chairs specifically chosen for maximum comfort! There are pillows, fuzzy and weighted blankets, noise-canceling headphones, and eyemasks that allow you to shut out all light while keeping your eyes open. And if you want to keep your eyes open, we have TV’s with specially curated nature videos that correspond with the environment we have designed for your relaxation. Are you feeling earthy and love plants? Or do you feel like venturing into the space inside your mind? There are no fluorescent bulbs once you step inside and we have taken utmost care to make this medical facility feel calming and inspiring. Clinic is in the name, but ideally you will forget all about the safety measures put into place as you relax in our spa-like environment. We put your safety first, so you can leave ALL your worries behind.

Once you have settled in your room, kicked off your shoes, put on your noise-cancelling headphones, and reclined, we will start your IV.

After about 10 minutes of the IV starting the patient will start to feel the anesthesia relax their body. Warm and tingly, the medication relieves pain and settles you into the chair. You will be fully awake during the process but we encourage wearing an eyemask as it is key in forgetting about everything around you so you can really explore your mind free from distractions.

The typical infusion lasts 40 minutes but with an eyemask, most people still feel like they are in “the space” for another 20 minutes. Feeling the ketamine for an hour is only relative. Most patients feel like time “stands still”, “doesn’t matter”, or “felt longer”. As you progress through your treatment we will work with you to maximize your time and we will likely increase your dosage and increase the time in the space as you become more familiar with how to navigate the journey.

During treatment, it is possible to feel overwhelmed by the ketamine and the space it brings you to which is why we start at the lowest dose for your body weight and adjust as you proceed forward on your journey in subsequent infusions. If you ever decide the experience is too much for you at this time (processing grief, feeling dizzy), we can immediately cease the administration of the drug and you will return to your normal, lucid state within minutes. Your vitals are always being monitored, someone will be present with you in the room as much or as little as you desire (with caveats),  and you will be cared for by our professional nursing staff.

This safe space in your mind is meant for you to delve into the causes of your trauma and work on your mental health to the most in-depth degree that you desire. Once you have safely navigated these root causes, you can explore your mind, play in the cosmos, or experience music in a way you never have. The possibilities in this space are endless.

Ketamine, a derivative of phencyclidine, is an anesthetic drug that was developed in 1962 and has been widely used in a variety of settings. Ketamine acts as an antagonist of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor and targets glutamate, which is an excitatory amino acid neurotransmitter.

Ketamine has been used to induce and maintain general anesthesia for more than 30 years and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Ketamine is FDA-approved as an anesthetic and has a remarkably safe track record in clinical settings. Ketamine is commonly used to treat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), sometimes referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

Over the past two decades, researchers have consistently found that low doses of ketamine, administered intravenously (ketamine infusions), produce a rapid anti-depressant effect.

“It feels like floating”, “I felt like I was in the ocean”, “It felt warm and cozy”, “It was absolutely beautiful”, “It felt like there were infinite possibilities”, “I was in space with doors that led to whatever I could imagine”. The list goes on. Almost unanimously our patients at NeuConnections describe a level of peace they have seldom felt before and that cannot be easily achieved outside the deepest states of meditation. When compared to traditional psychedelics (psilocybin, LSD, MDMA), ketamine offers a supremely controllable and clear space to navigate your mind. Seldom disorienting or scary, the calming, dissociative space ketamine provides is the ultimate journey to clear your mind. 

Dissociation is what we call “the space” when a the dosage of the medication has been dialed in allowing complete relaxation and the patient feels most comfortable letting go of the stresses of the world around them. This is where most healing takes place and we take the upmost care in facilitating this experience for each and every one of our patient’s sessions. 

When a person is “dissociated” imagine that separation of the emotional mind and the analytical mind is occurring. Like the child with their arm being mended or the soldier missing a limb, they are conscious, free of pain, and comforted knowing that they are being cared for despite their injuries. This is what so many people find therapeutic when experiencing ketamine. It allows them to view their trauma and what is holding back objectively without reliving the emotions surrounding that trauma. When “dissociated” from the emotion of the trauma, it allows them to reframe their thoughts around it and move forward without those heavy emotions following them.

The dissociative state can be overwhelming if someone is not properly prepared, but we are available every step of the way to ensure your comfort as we ease you into a space of supreme relaxation free from the burdens of the world around you. We will never “throw someone in” without proper preparation and most people wish they could exist in “the space” longer to continue to explore their mind and work towards their future.

Scientists are still exploring the exact mechanism by which depression is relieved, but research suggests that by blocking the NMDA receptors, ketamine prompts the brain to increase the production of synaptic signaling proteins in the prefrontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex is the region of the brain thought to play a critical role in a person’s ability to regulate his/her mood.

Ketamine appears to promote the growth of new synapses in the prefrontal cortex, resulting in greater connectivity in the brain, while also switching certain connections on and off. This cascade of events is thought to be the reason for the rapid anti-depressant effect.

The duration of symptomatic relief patients experience following ketamine infusion therapy varies depending on many factors.

When patients do experience relief, it may be the first time in decades that they have felt healthy and “normal”.

Patients who have received ketamine infusion therapy for depression have reported significant improvements in their mood and abilities to function anywhere from weeks to months. With some patients, feeling a single session or “booster”  or a “mini-series” of 3 sessions is what they need to get back on track or help them prepare for upcoming stressors. 

Some patients come back once a month, the average is every four months, and some never need to come back. However, most patients that come back look forward to working with us, often to simply relax and see what insights can be gleaned from the experience. 

To achieve lasting results we strongly encourage integration, which is the implementation of insights gained during your ketamine sessions.

We have partnered with the amazing organization: Being True To You to help facilitate lasting change. They offer integration of the ketamine experience with certified coaches, many of whom have been down similar roads of confronting their struggles and moving beyond them. The coaches that collaborate with us are all experts in how to navigate the ketamine space and their guidance in implementing positive transformational is often essential in achieving lasting results. 

Most recent research shows that some possible, short-term side effects may include headache, anxiety, dissociation, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. During the treatment your vision will become blurry but return to normal once administration of the medication has ceased. Most of side effects are remedied in the clinic or subside by the next morning. 

We can help you find relief.